Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Narrative: Animation style.

We've got a rough story outline for our animation short now, so to piece the rest together we need to start thinking about the style of our animation and character design. From our tutorial yesterday Alan suggested we looked into the word 'Safari', and maybe base our style around that type of work. From that I looked at African art and cave paintings.

After looking at many different styles of each, I then looked at Looney Tunes backdrops. In Wiley E Coyote and Roadrunner, I like how they keep with the typical 'desert' theme; and its how you would interpret a desert to be like. But at the same time they remind you of places like the Grand Canyon.

Looking into a safari setting a bit more, like Looney Tunes sticking with your typical safari setting: Africa. I did some visual research on 'Savanna landscapes', a place where you may find Hyenas. Using tree's and tall grass like you see, to be the main props for creeping up on the Porcupine.

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