Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Narrative: Final idea piecing together.

Over the weekend I came up with a few ideas based on both stories my group liked, and looked up possible characters weaknesses and defences to see how each story could play out.

Then tooday we sat down as a team and pieced our ideas together to create what we think is our final idea:

A porcupine continuously keeps walking, following a trail of seeds when he gets distracted and wonders off following a piece of pollen in the air. Meanwhile a hyena notices him and stays waiting with his mouth open, expecting the porcupine to walk into him. (A vary of ridiculous attempts of catching the porcupine happen in the middle, which we have yet to decide.) At the end the hyena attempts to take the porcupine out from above, creeping down this branch which is stretching more and more. The porcupine sneezes from finally catching the pollen, letting loose his spikes, landing in the hyenas face. Finally as he thought he'd had enough, the tree launches him into the distance.

After our tutorial Alan liked where we were at and suggested we worked on the beginning a bit more; suggesting we make our hyena have that stealth approach to introduce him, rather than going straight to catching the porcupine. He said by doing so and changing the ending a tad will help us come up with ridiculous ways for the hyena to try and eat but never does catch the porcupine.

Alan also suggested at looking more into our characters although we roughly have characteristics for both:
Porcupine - doopy, slow, old.
Hyena - hyper, energetic, dog like. (opposites of each other)
By researching into character style/archetypes, this will help us understand our characters more and will gradually do the work of coming up with plots to capture the porcupine for us.

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