Monday, 13 October 2014

Narrative Structure - The Wolf of Wall Street.

Five Act Structure

Exposition & Inciting Incident: Who is Jordan Belfort? Introducing the audience to who he is, and what he does. Gets a job down Wall Street as a Broker and meets Mark Hanna, who gets him into the business.
Rising Action: Starts to build his own company - Stratton Omar. Doing cash in hand business, while partying and taking many drugs. Gets divorced and marries his second wife, and has children. His company gradually builds up into something 'Big'.
Climax: He has everything could ever want. FBI discover that Stratton Omar is engaging in stock fraud and starts investigating the case. He begins to cover up his money in European bank accounts. Mate goes to jail for not grassing them up.
Falling Action: He starts to get greedy and doesn't step down when he should of. Live is falling apart around him, so he takes more and more drugs to cope. Ends up getting life on track but goes to prison years later after a Swiss banker gets caught, bringing everyone down with him.
Denouement: Jordan Belfort has hit rock bottom losing everything, his family and company. But hasn't learnt his lesson; when out of prison its like he starts again 'Sell me this pen...' 

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