Thursday, 27 November 2014

Narrative: Porcupine placed into Scene.

Took a while but finally imported the environment that Candice has put together for our team, with our Porcupine character and he finally has a home. Not hundred percent ready, still making tweaks to our environment but I recon he fits in well - being the first time in his new habit and all. He just needs his mate to join him now.

Narrative: Porcupine Textures 2.

I had the wrong render settings at first that's why it was all blocky but now its sorted and I began testing out patterns on top of our Porcupine's design. Trying out hay, dirt and road textures and then using a bump map.

Before textures
Here are the UV maps used to create the textures.

Character: Troll Sketch and Interface Exercise.

This is a rough sketch of my troll character, still working out his size and proportions.

And also the work from our Character class on Interfaces which I worked on a Portal board game then went on to how my interface would look in my own game.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Narrative: Porcupine Textures.

I've been testing out some textures for our porcupine to try and make him look more natural. Using colours taken from a porcupine, and also keeping it quite graphical/cartoony like our overall style.

I tried to blend his nose with his face, but it just made him look a bit moody teenager rather than a grumpy old man.

After getting the basic shape and block out with the colours, I used the gradient tool to create some sort of depth so he doesn't look too flat. Then played around with the colour of that, and added extra spikes on the texture.

After a team discussion we thought maybe a yellow or orange gradient would make him look less muddy, but still natural and we've decided on the more orangey tinge. 

What I don't understand is why does he look not smoothed in my render, but you can see that he is smoothed over in the perspective window? If anyone knows it would be much appreciated. 


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Narrative: Porcupine Modelling Progress 16.

Porcupine modeling update. I've gone ahead and linked up his spikes to his head, so that they follow him when he moves; and did the same with the glasses. Just need to make a control for the eyes and then he's ready to go.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Narrative: Porcupine Walk Test.

I did some playing around once the rig was built, practising how to make our Porcupine walk. I've kinda got the motion of the leg working, its just adjusting this too the 4 legs. I watched some videos of how animals tend to walk to try and help.

Porcupine Walking Tester from Ruby Newland on Vimeo.

Narrative: Porcupine Modelling Progress 15.

Porcupine modeling update. The rig is now complete, and I've restricted the controls also to make it easier for us to animate. Just need to join in his spikes so that they follow him as he walks.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Character: Troll Faces.

Justin said that my Troll needed some more character and style, like my Viking character does. So I've played around with his features, looking at Norse trolls for inspiration. Many of them have small eyes, big noses and ears; this was something that I tried to capture.

My favourite is 9, and I'm going to test out what a few of these faces would look on his body. Keeping with the big shoulders, and hands but short legs. Again staying with the style of my other character.

Narrative: Porcupine Modelling Progress 14.

Porcupine modelling update. Controls for his Spine are now made.

Narrative: Porcupine Modelling Progress 13.

Porcupine modelling update. I've now added the controls for his tail.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Narrative: Porcupine Modelling Progress 12.

Porcupine modelling update. He now has controls for both his back and front legs, feet and pelvis.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Narrative: Porcupine Modelling Progress 11.

Porcupine modelling update. Wasn't sure how to show I've skinned our porcupine so screen-shotted a joint with the paint weight tool selected so show he's been skinned. With this done, I think he's ready to start rigging.

Character: Animal exercise.

Yesterday we focused on animals and how there built up. Then we had to make our own hybrid of a creature from a word that we were given: Desert.

Character: Troll sketches.

Here are a few sketches for my enemy character, in turn arounds and also a action pose.

After a chat with Justin yesterday he said about now that I've got the basic build of my character to adjust him so that he fits in with my style. Giving him more characteristics like my Viking. He suggested that I make his features more simple and no built up.
Justin's Sketches

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Narrative: Porcupine Modelling Progress 10.

Porcupine modelling update. Alan sat down with me today and helped me map the joints for him.

Narrative: Porcupine Modelling Progress 9.

Porcupine modelling update. The UV maps I set for the body turned out to not be correct, but after being shown how to make them all the same size I went ahead and redid the whole model UV mapping the whole lot apart from the glasses. Which are going to be a normal simple texture.