Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Character Formula - The Amazing Spiderman 2.


Wants - He feels undervalued by his peers from not being acknowledged for the work that he does, so wants to be acknowledged by someone for his work.  
Needs - The feeling of having a friend, he needs someone to talk to and get to know. Rather than always getting pushed aside.
Flaws - After bumping into Spiderman on the street, he becomes obsessed with the fact that somebody wanted to know who he was.
Change - Electro experiences a physical change as he never used to be such a evil person. He became electro due to falling into a container full of electric eels while attempting to fix a wire; of which was a two man job. As no one liked him they allowed him to carry on regardless.
Conflict - From having too much power after the accident happened, he ended up on one of the big screens in New York and the fame overwhelmed him; turning himself evil, wanting the fame. He also a conflict with Spiderman, after he forgets who he was in the street, making him want to get revenge.

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  1. Hi Ruby

    Your analysis is not necessarily wrong but its written in a very sketchy/superficial way - eg. "Not to be lonely, form friendships" & "He wants to be noticed"- makes Electro (the Villian) sounds like he's a fluffy bunny and "Turns into Electro after an incident with electric" is very literal in terms of analysis/ description. Can you dig a little deeper and use language which is more suitable to his stature as a Villian?