Saturday, 8 November 2014

Narrative: Porcupine Modelling Progress 4.

Porcupine Modelling Update. The nose is now sculpted; I've added some nostrils, but he doesn't add up in the front view so I've had to guess where about the nostrils would go from the side. Also the body and head are joint together, giving a better overview of him.


Just need to figure out what's happening with his back, as I have a lot of triangles. Then I can start modelling his tail and the spikes.


  1. Looks great Ruby! :D

    If you select all the tri faces of the back circle and extrude away from your model for the tail, this will lose them. When the tail is finished you can just use Extrude and the Offset at the tail's very tip until they take up only a tiny area :)

  2. You can have the tail start lower by bringing the faces down a bit :)