Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Narrative: Porcupine Textures.

I've been testing out some textures for our porcupine to try and make him look more natural. Using colours taken from a porcupine, and also keeping it quite graphical/cartoony like our overall style.

I tried to blend his nose with his face, but it just made him look a bit moody teenager rather than a grumpy old man.

After getting the basic shape and block out with the colours, I used the gradient tool to create some sort of depth so he doesn't look too flat. Then played around with the colour of that, and added extra spikes on the texture.

After a team discussion we thought maybe a yellow or orange gradient would make him look less muddy, but still natural and we've decided on the more orangey tinge. 

What I don't understand is why does he look not smoothed in my render, but you can see that he is smoothed over in the perspective window? If anyone knows it would be much appreciated. 


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