Friday, 30 January 2015

Adaptation A - Music.

I've looked at some music which is related to exercise and sport, as that is a big key to dieting. A lot of the music has that 80's workout vibe, and I think it might go well will the colours chosen as it was all about the bright coloured leg warmers, headbands etc... 'This is the day' is my favourite. (Not sure if too much though?)

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Adaptation A - Infographic Tester 4.

Infographic progress, letters E - G. I tried making the pin faster but just seems rushed now.

Adaptation A - Infographic Tester 3.

Infographic progress, letters B - D. A few adjustments need done on the opacity and adjustment of the text.

When the man on the door looks at the woman's, there will be a flush sound in the background.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Adaptation A - Images A - D.

I've drawn my pictures in Illustrator first then I can import them into After Effects to start animating into an Infographic.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Adaptation B - Style Research.

During my tutorial we discussed my game style and influence, which is something I needed to look into but I knew I want to keep with the children cartoons theme. The characters abilities I want to be seen through the characters appearance so I've looked at cartoons which represent this.

While looking at various cartoons I noticed they all emphasis certain body parts weather its big eyes, ears, arms or legs etc... Something that catches the children's eyes. Id like to express this through my characters expressing there traits for instance the witches hiccups - a big mouth, the wizards sneezing - big nose etc...

As well as looking at style, I've looked at how the game may play as I'm not sure weather it should be 2D, 3D or both; a plat former side scrolling game or a puzzler which is birds eye view? So with this in mind I look at games such as Fez and Echochrome, as they appear 2D but are actually 3D; the original GTA was an inspiration for a top view game giving you buildings from that perspective.

Adaptation A - Background Re-think.

After my tutorial today Alan suggested to make the design bit more rounded and add more detail in the back as it's a simple design. I began by sketching out the roundness but I think the outline looks nice, possibly not as dark and thinner which I'll have to try out. Saying that I have done some ideas and 2 is my favourite; the details are there but not in your face so the animation on the scale will be noticed.


Adapatation A - Infographic Tester.

I've began thinking about the animation in my infographic and how it may look for the layout.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Maya Dynamics 3.

Omni Emitters.

Adaptation B - Idea Explored Further.

After a quick chat I've put my previous ideas together to create a puzzle style game which uses characters and there abilities to collect certain items, which you'll see in my brainstorms below.

The Witch's hiccups would be timed and depending on which colour hiccups come out, determines how long the light will be available for; some may hang onto objects leaving it behind as a permanent light source.

The Wizards sneezing would send him flying backgrounds, but you can save up his sneezes (you know when you sneeze but you don't? Then all of a sudden you sneeze 3 times in a row) to launch him further or not.

The Black Cat would be sneaky and be able to see in the dark, guiding you if the witch doesn't hiccup for a while.

Whereas the Frog can jump over objects in your way and even pull things towards you by using his elastic tongue like they do when catching flies.

The Broom is more of a vehicle for exploring, it can carry multiple characters but can't collect no items. It can be used to sweep items in certain directions.

The maze layouts you see aren't certain as it was just a way to show what was going through my head, but I have a vision in my head which would make the maze look like corridors in a house or something and there will be objects like tables etc.

The idea would be to get all the items back to the cauldron in order to move onto a different level, of which each would get more hard and complex as you climb the levels. Only certain characters can enter certain areas and you will have to find the other characters while searching the maze, starting off with the witch.

The witch doesn't have the ability to carry items as for as when she hiccups she jumps, dropping what she carries and the wizard is the same; except he'll drop them as he can't control himself flying backwards. The cat and frog can carry items a certain distance. But you can use the characters to push items depending on there ability.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Mudbox - First Try.

Tried out Mudbox today for the first time, had a mess around trying out the tools. Hard to get use to but was fun.

Adaptation A - Background Colour Comps.

I liked the pink, yellow and grey background colours so I've gone ahead and applied these colours too my backgrounds. I like 1 or 4 from the first set of scales and 2 or 4 for the ruler backgrounds.

Scales 1

Scales 2


Adaptation A - Colour Comps and Backgrounds.

I'm trying to work out the colours to use in my infographic; wanting to keep them simple and limit to just a few. I was looking at diet books and they use these bright colours, staying away from dark tones and black. I quite like the idea of only the character and certain aspects of that letter in colour and the rest in line art. And stuck between the yellows on pink, pink on yellow and pink & yellow on grey?

For the backgrounds I looked into measuring rulers used for sizing and scales; dieting is all about numbers/weight. These are a few ideas of how I'd have my screen having all the movement occur within the yellow block in the ruler and where your weight would be shown on the scales.

Every time a new letter appears the measuring tape could change numbers as if scrolling along and the weight gage could flick to the opposite side swiping away the previous letter. Once the colours are worked out I can incorporate them into my backgrounds.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Adaptation A - Inital sketches 2.

Here are my sketches continued from Q to Z.

Going to sort out layout, font, colours, background next.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Adaptation A - Inital sketches.

These are a few sketches of what I'd like to show for the alphabet up to P at the moment. I haven't quite worked on the details of it yet but thought once the images are there then everything else will come clear. The colours used might change as I want to keep to a simple colour pallet of maybe 3/4 colours.



Friday, 16 January 2015

Adaptation A - Influence and Style.

Diets consist around numbers and so I thought about keeping that in the theme maybe by using scales, measuring tape and keeping the colours very vibrant staying away from dark colours such as black, dark blues and purples etc...
I'd like the imagery to be simple like silhouettes but using block colours to separate the image up, staying away from outlines.

@Alan - Adaptation B - Re-Think.

After my feedback with Alan he said go back and refine how I would adapt the short story I wrote when I was 10 into something more as a hiccupping witch stood out.
  • From this I've come up with the idea of a game that's totally dark and as a witch that has a severe case of the hiccups lights up the room with every 'Bing, Bang, Boom'. Maybe your in a maze and have to find your way out avoiding various things or its a plat former and you play as different character finding ingredients to make a cure for the horrid hiccups? Maybe its a wizard who has the Hiccups and every time he hiccups his arm twitches sending hes wand flying spells around the room bringing objects to life, and its your job to stop the objects taking over the room?

  • Other characters could include a wizard or warlock, black cats, frogs, rats/mice or even a broom. I like the idea of a broom, being able to both walk and fly around maybe? Or maybe a rat with human abilities as the witch has put a spell on it or even a hybrid 'rat-bat'? The witch could have evil sisters which are her troublemakers.

  • The setting could be based in a cabin with various paths leading from this into places like a swamp, woods, a mansion, etc... But inside the cabin is like Mary Poppins hand bag: larger than what it seems with stairs leading to all kinds of cobwebby rooms. Something you wouldn't realise from the outside.

  • The Hiccups effect the way the character moves, making themselves jump uncontrollably and being clumsy. Extras like Cauldrons, bats, mirrors etc... could be things which could be around to damage or heal you.

I'm not entirely sure what the games outcomes or goals would be at this moment, I'm just thinking out loud but I like the idea of having a broom character, and possibly a hiccupping wizard with hybrid 'rat-bats?' or something along that line?

Maya Tutorial 2 (Game Assets)

Modelling Part 2 - UV Layout.

Adaptation B - Another look at the possibilities.

After thinking more into what I could do as an adaptation I thought about a book from my childhood which my nan use to read to me and my sister 'Muffin and the Urgs'. The book has illustrations telling you the story as it is a children's book, so the idea of a short animation wouldn't work I don't think. So I thought what if it was a game? It would make a lovely arcade game as the book is about 2 cousins meeting an inventor and then get kidnapped by the Urgs where they have to escape.

I'm unsure what path to go down at the moment as I enjoy both games and animation.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Adaptation B - First Look.

I'm interested in both animation and games but enjoy working in a fun/light-hearted cartoon style, so was thinking maybe a animation short. I've began looking at various types of media which might help me decide, I've come up with a few ideas which include:

The Last of Us (Video Game)

-Turning it around making the game less serious and dark.
-Taking a scene from one of the chapters.
-Expressing the characters features for example focusing on a certain character - a clicker, they are blind and move by sound; Joel and Ellie could be playing hide and seek with them?

The Highway Code (Educational Book)

-Using the information and producing a animation on what its like to start driving, as we all at some point might learn.

This is England (TV series/Film)

-Focusing on the time period.
-Maybe going down the route of bringing home their girlfriend/boyfriend for Sunday dinner but the parents don't approve?
-Taking a scene and adapting it to fit in with another period or culture of the time (ravers)?

A Spell Goes Boom! (Mini story)

-I found a published book which contained a mini story I made when I was 10, maybe bring it too life visually. Although its quite vague, there might be room to elaborate on it more?

Not entirely sure if this is down the right road or not, but these are what I came up with so far.

Adaptation A - The ABC... continued.

I've been looking at more ways to diet and also what doesn't work for dieting, looking more into some facts how they work etc... Some of which are more ridiculous than others for example:

Red Plates: help you eat less.
Sniffing Peppermint: regular sniffs may lower hunger levels and calorie intake.
Chocolate: associated with lowering levels of abdominal fat.
Sleeping in a cold room: extra boost for weight loss.
Naps: not enough sleep leads to eating more high-calorie foods.
Wear tight clothes: stops the 'one more mouthful' trick, especially when out for a meal.
Brush your teeth: you get that horrid taste if you eat after brushing your teeth, stops you eating late at night.
Eat before partying: stops you pigging out on fatty, starchy foods.
Breakfast: stay fuller for longer by eating breakfast.
Tidy workspace: more likely to choose a healthy snack.
Iced Peppermint Tea: super effective belly flattener, helps your stomach process fat, and digests high-fat foods quicker.

Light foods: a NO GO! Most of the time they contain more sugar than non-light food.
Hummus: another NO GO! High in calories, but its what you use to dip with.
No food after 7pm? RUBBISH! Eat whenever you want to. Just ensure to leave 90 minutes before you sleep as it enables your body to digest letting you sleep comfortably.

I'll continue to look into more ways to broaden by options for the ABC...

Adaptation A - Research into Infographics.

After looking at a few examples of infographics I prefer the ones with pictures that draw you to them, and they help you remember the message their trying to put across as you think of that image. But I'm still unsure with weather to have a voice over or not? The ones with one tend to be more visual, although saying this there were a few that still kept me engaged even without one as the screen was always on the go.

I also came across a stop motion style which I liked the look off, and this has also made me think about another option of presenting my infographic.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Maya Tutorial 44.

Texturing Part 7 - Skin.

Maya Tutorial 43.

Texturing Part 6 - Shoes.

Adaptation A - The ABC of.... DIETING.

After my pitch yesterday it was quite clear by the end of it that Dieting was the one. From the feedback I've gone ahead and researched various ways to diet for each letter of the alphabet, more are bound to appear when research into these deeper:

A - Atkins diet, Air diet, Amputation diet, Alkaline diet.

B - the Bread diet, Big Breakfast diet.

C - Cambridge diet weight plan, Cabbage soup diet.

D - Dukan diet.

E - Exercise, the Egg diet.

F - Fast diet, Fad diets, Fridge pictures of motivation.

G - Gastric bi-band.

H - HMR (Health Management Resources programme), Hydrofit exercise class.

I - IIFYM (If it fits your Macros)

J - Juice diet.

K - Kids diets.

L - Liposuction.

M - Master cleanse diet, Mindful Eating, Motivation.

N - No white foods.

O - Oatmeal diet.

P - Pocket diet, Paleo diet, Post-it-Notes around the house motivation.

Q - Quick diets.

R - Raw foods diet.

S - Slimfast, Southbank diet, Slimming World.


U - "a new u", ?

V - Vegan diet, Volumetrics, Virgin diet.

W - WeightWatchers.

X - "the weighing in date on your calendar".

Y - Yo-Yo dieters.

Z - the Zone diet.

Majority are quite serious, but after researching in depth the ones I want maybe somewhere among the facts is something I can take and make a joke out of; as someway down the line everyone has or knows someone that's tried out diets but they never last. Saying this I'd like to keep with some serious elements.

I haven't quite decided on how I may present this as of yet, but I was thinking along the lines of having a pictures that morphs into another with a voiceover expressing the letter/word but having it in a motivation voice (really energetic/enthusiastic).

Friday, 9 January 2015

Maya Tutorial Submission List.

Pipeline 1: CC Head Modelling

Part 1 & Part 2 - Blocking
Part 3 - Refined Blocking
Part 4 - The Mouth
Part 5 - The Eyes
Part 6 - The Nose
Part 7 - The Ear
Part 8 - The Neck
Part 9 - The Throat
Part 10 - The Hair Part 1
Part 11 - The Hair Part 2
Part 12 - The Eyebrows
Part 13 - The Eyeballs

Pipeline 1: CC Body Modelling

Part 14 - Torso
Part 15 - Lower Body Part 1
Part 16 - Lower Body Part 2
Part 17 - The Arm
Part 18 - The Hand
Part 19 - The Shoes
Part 20 - Body Completed

Pipeline 1: CC UV Layout

Part 1 - The Head & Hair
Part 2 - The Torso
Part 3 - The Trousers & Shoes

Pipeline 1: CC Skinning

Part 1 - Building a Ribbon Spine
Part 2 - Building the Skeleton
Part 3 - The Head
Part 4 - The Upper Body
Part 5 - The Lower Body
Part 6 - The Shoes, Hair, Eyebrows & Belt Details

Pipeline 1: CC Rigging

Part 1 - Feet & Legs
Part 2 - Spine & Neck
Part 3 - Arms & Hands
Part 4 - Grouping and Restictions

Pipeline 1: CC Facial Rigging

Part 1 - Eyes
Part 2 - Teeth & Tongue
Part 3 - Blink
Part 4 - Brow
Part 5 - Phoneme Blend Shapes

Pipeline 1: CC Texturing

Part 1 - Shader & Colour Blocking
Part 2 - Eyes
Part 3 - Hair
Part 4 - Shirt
Part 5 - Jeans
Part 6 - Shoes (Updated 10.1.15)
Part 7 - Skin   (Updated 10.1.15)

Pipeline 1: Creating Turnarounds

Creating Wireframe Turnarounds - Example

Maya Tutorial 42.

Texturing Part 5 - Jeans.

Maya Tutorial 41.

Texturing Part 4 - Shirt.

Maya Tutorial 40.

Texturing Part 3 - Hair.

Maya Tutorial 39.

Texturing Part 2 - The Eyes.

Maya Tutorial 38.

Texturing Part 1 - Shader & Colour Blocking.

Adaptation A - The ABC of...

My sentence was the ABC of... and I thought of it in 2 ways. The first was each letter was a fact about the topic or the ABC stands for the process of something A being the beginning and Z the last thing to do.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015