Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Adaptation B - First Look.

I'm interested in both animation and games but enjoy working in a fun/light-hearted cartoon style, so was thinking maybe a animation short. I've began looking at various types of media which might help me decide, I've come up with a few ideas which include:

The Last of Us (Video Game)

-Turning it around making the game less serious and dark.
-Taking a scene from one of the chapters.
-Expressing the characters features for example focusing on a certain character - a clicker, they are blind and move by sound; Joel and Ellie could be playing hide and seek with them?

The Highway Code (Educational Book)

-Using the information and producing a animation on what its like to start driving, as we all at some point might learn.

This is England (TV series/Film)

-Focusing on the time period.
-Maybe going down the route of bringing home their girlfriend/boyfriend for Sunday dinner but the parents don't approve?
-Taking a scene and adapting it to fit in with another period or culture of the time (ravers)?

A Spell Goes Boom! (Mini story)

-I found a published book which contained a mini story I made when I was 10, maybe bring it too life visually. Although its quite vague, there might be room to elaborate on it more?

Not entirely sure if this is down the right road or not, but these are what I came up with so far.

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