Friday, 23 January 2015

Adaptation B - Style Research.

During my tutorial we discussed my game style and influence, which is something I needed to look into but I knew I want to keep with the children cartoons theme. The characters abilities I want to be seen through the characters appearance so I've looked at cartoons which represent this.

While looking at various cartoons I noticed they all emphasis certain body parts weather its big eyes, ears, arms or legs etc... Something that catches the children's eyes. Id like to express this through my characters expressing there traits for instance the witches hiccups - a big mouth, the wizards sneezing - big nose etc...

As well as looking at style, I've looked at how the game may play as I'm not sure weather it should be 2D, 3D or both; a plat former side scrolling game or a puzzler which is birds eye view? So with this in mind I look at games such as Fez and Echochrome, as they appear 2D but are actually 3D; the original GTA was an inspiration for a top view game giving you buildings from that perspective.

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