Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Adaptation A - Colour Comps and Backgrounds.

I'm trying to work out the colours to use in my infographic; wanting to keep them simple and limit to just a few. I was looking at diet books and they use these bright colours, staying away from dark tones and black. I quite like the idea of only the character and certain aspects of that letter in colour and the rest in line art. And stuck between the yellows on pink, pink on yellow and pink & yellow on grey?

For the backgrounds I looked into measuring rulers used for sizing and scales; dieting is all about numbers/weight. These are a few ideas of how I'd have my screen having all the movement occur within the yellow block in the ruler and where your weight would be shown on the scales.

Every time a new letter appears the measuring tape could change numbers as if scrolling along and the weight gage could flick to the opposite side swiping away the previous letter. Once the colours are worked out I can incorporate them into my backgrounds.