Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Adaptation A - The ABC... continued.

I've been looking at more ways to diet and also what doesn't work for dieting, looking more into some facts how they work etc... Some of which are more ridiculous than others for example:

Red Plates: help you eat less.
Sniffing Peppermint: regular sniffs may lower hunger levels and calorie intake.
Chocolate: associated with lowering levels of abdominal fat.
Sleeping in a cold room: extra boost for weight loss.
Naps: not enough sleep leads to eating more high-calorie foods.
Wear tight clothes: stops the 'one more mouthful' trick, especially when out for a meal.
Brush your teeth: you get that horrid taste if you eat after brushing your teeth, stops you eating late at night.
Eat before partying: stops you pigging out on fatty, starchy foods.
Breakfast: stay fuller for longer by eating breakfast.
Tidy workspace: more likely to choose a healthy snack.
Iced Peppermint Tea: super effective belly flattener, helps your stomach process fat, and digests high-fat foods quicker.

Light foods: a NO GO! Most of the time they contain more sugar than non-light food.
Hummus: another NO GO! High in calories, but its what you use to dip with.
No food after 7pm? RUBBISH! Eat whenever you want to. Just ensure to leave 90 minutes before you sleep as it enables your body to digest letting you sleep comfortably.

I'll continue to look into more ways to broaden by options for the ABC...

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