Saturday, 10 January 2015

Adaptation A - The ABC of.... DIETING.

After my pitch yesterday it was quite clear by the end of it that Dieting was the one. From the feedback I've gone ahead and researched various ways to diet for each letter of the alphabet, more are bound to appear when research into these deeper:

A - Atkins diet, Air diet, Amputation diet, Alkaline diet.

B - the Bread diet, Big Breakfast diet.

C - Cambridge diet weight plan, Cabbage soup diet.

D - Dukan diet.

E - Exercise, the Egg diet.

F - Fast diet, Fad diets, Fridge pictures of motivation.

G - Gastric bi-band.

H - HMR (Health Management Resources programme), Hydrofit exercise class.

I - IIFYM (If it fits your Macros)

J - Juice diet.

K - Kids diets.

L - Liposuction.

M - Master cleanse diet, Mindful Eating, Motivation.

N - No white foods.

O - Oatmeal diet.

P - Pocket diet, Paleo diet, Post-it-Notes around the house motivation.

Q - Quick diets.

R - Raw foods diet.

S - Slimfast, Southbank diet, Slimming World.


U - "a new u", ?

V - Vegan diet, Volumetrics, Virgin diet.

W - WeightWatchers.

X - "the weighing in date on your calendar".

Y - Yo-Yo dieters.

Z - the Zone diet.

Majority are quite serious, but after researching in depth the ones I want maybe somewhere among the facts is something I can take and make a joke out of; as someway down the line everyone has or knows someone that's tried out diets but they never last. Saying this I'd like to keep with some serious elements.

I haven't quite decided on how I may present this as of yet, but I was thinking along the lines of having a pictures that morphs into another with a voiceover expressing the letter/word but having it in a motivation voice (really energetic/enthusiastic).

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  1. this is looking good ruby i dont know half of these :S but have you considered foods that are within diets?
    ive heard something silly before about cutting an apple in half and spreading peanut butter on it? i thought it was pretty bizarre not sure how relevant it is though...