Friday, 16 January 2015

@Alan - Adaptation B - Re-Think.

After my feedback with Alan he said go back and refine how I would adapt the short story I wrote when I was 10 into something more as a hiccupping witch stood out.
  • From this I've come up with the idea of a game that's totally dark and as a witch that has a severe case of the hiccups lights up the room with every 'Bing, Bang, Boom'. Maybe your in a maze and have to find your way out avoiding various things or its a plat former and you play as different character finding ingredients to make a cure for the horrid hiccups? Maybe its a wizard who has the Hiccups and every time he hiccups his arm twitches sending hes wand flying spells around the room bringing objects to life, and its your job to stop the objects taking over the room?

  • Other characters could include a wizard or warlock, black cats, frogs, rats/mice or even a broom. I like the idea of a broom, being able to both walk and fly around maybe? Or maybe a rat with human abilities as the witch has put a spell on it or even a hybrid 'rat-bat'? The witch could have evil sisters which are her troublemakers.

  • The setting could be based in a cabin with various paths leading from this into places like a swamp, woods, a mansion, etc... But inside the cabin is like Mary Poppins hand bag: larger than what it seems with stairs leading to all kinds of cobwebby rooms. Something you wouldn't realise from the outside.

  • The Hiccups effect the way the character moves, making themselves jump uncontrollably and being clumsy. Extras like Cauldrons, bats, mirrors etc... could be things which could be around to damage or heal you.

I'm not entirely sure what the games outcomes or goals would be at this moment, I'm just thinking out loud but I like the idea of having a broom character, and possibly a hiccupping wizard with hybrid 'rat-bats?' or something along that line?

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  1. Hi Ruby

    Yes, as I expected you haven't lost the 10 year old you lol...Ok, perhaps on Tuesday come and find me before your Mudbox class (or after) and we'll go over this again to refine your ideas further.