Sunday, 4 January 2015

Character: Tresure Chest & Completing the Game.

My game needed a goal, something to achieve at the end of every level or for the duration of the game. So I decided to include a treasure chest, which would be the piece of resistance; but in order to open the chest you need to find the keys. In order to find these keys you may have to back track or re-discover your path as the environments are like mazes.

Once discovered and opened that chest will enable the player to buy upgrades such as extra lives, a path finder which would guide you to a key, take no damage etc... Or possible upgrade your weapons, or even buy new ones which could be in updates for the game or a new add on.

*Completing the Game*

As your collecting these chests, by the end of the game your faced up against a big bad boss Troll guarding the chest that will help you escape the underworld of which you accidently fell upon, while falling off a cliff. You need to collect all the previous chests to enable you to upgrade your character in order to fight him.

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