Monday, 16 February 2015

Adaptation B - Game Inspiration.

Re-thinking about my game concept and I think the idea of having it like this slanted angle will make it easier for the player to see their previous path and where about they want to move next. It also gives a good view of the playable character and will enable them to see higher areas of the puzzle.

Although my original idea was to have it as a birds eye view plat former like Robbery Bob (top right) after looking at app puzzler games including Cuboid, Cube-Zone and Stack Rabbit; for more of an idea how I'd like my game; this slanted angle seems to be a favourite among them.

By having it like this it would let the player see the characters more clearer as they would appear visually allowing there features to be seen rather than a birds eye view or side view would limit this.

This style game could also be converted into a console game allowing the player to use a controller rather than touch screen, as many indie games are plat formers which this style.

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