Friday, 6 February 2015

Adaptation A - Final Infographic & Making Of.


  1. Hi Ruby

    Hopefully you get this feedback in time....

    1) The music really doesn't suit your infographic...I'd suggest looking for something else...perhaps using 'Fresh Sparks 1'?
    2) The ABC'ness of your infographic is a little weak...E.g "A is for"..."B is for" I'd suggest colouring the most important starting letter on each page...Make it the same blue as the scales pointer (wipe)....this would be a really quick fix.

  2. ...or perhaps colour based upon the page....whats works in each case using the colour palette you already, yellow etc

  3. ...For example 'drink' might have a yellow D because you haven't used that yet on the page...In each case look for a colour you haven't used or one which has the least use per page.