Monday, 9 February 2015

Adaptation A - Infographic (version 2)

I couldn't make adjustments based upon feedback straight away as the newer versions of AE files won't open up on my laptop so I made them as soon as I could. This version includes different music, and also highlights the ABC more by using a colour for that letter.

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  1. Ruby, I like your infographic (version 2) it made me smile. I think the new music works much better and the colour variation at the start of each lead word gives your infographic a higher degree of readability (The ABC of etc). In particular I like the ‘Slimfast’ scene which made me laugh out loud with its funny ‘boys to the yard’ milkshake reference. In short I think this is where your infographic excels, in its overall appeal and humour – It’s bright, colourful, and funny. It also has a good level of energy and pace reminiscent of the exercise it would take to actually lose weight (the music helps with this now). I can also see that you’ve put a lot of effort into making and animating this film, it was a tall order to design and animate twenty-six different scenes but importantly the majority of them are successful. However I’ve list a couple below which could be improved – Overall though a successful, dynamic, and fun video infographic, well done.

    1) Exercise – The ‘bounce’ animation could be improved it’s more of a yo-yo at the moment.

    2) Heart Rate – It’s not clear what this is referring too in terms of its relationship to dieting.

    3) Know Your Limits – This feels like it possible needs an ending or pay off to the scene? More food being offered may be?

    4) Oh there’s a biscuit – This is funny but does seem a little unrelated. Perhaps ‘O’ could have been ‘Obsessive Eater’?

    5) Underweight – I’m not sure this is working visually with lots of text. This is the only scene where you use this much text. I’d suggest a rethink on this one.

    6) X marks the date - Again this seems a little unrelated but I recognize that this was a hard letter to fill.