Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Adaptation B - Environment continued.

I've continued on with my Study level, making the rooms look dark as in the game it will be and then as she hiccups light appears grabbing onto certain objects or lighting the room for a certain amount of time depending on what colour they are.

This is only part of the mansion as I've only designed one part of it, focusing on the Study part. Thinking about the outside surroundings also.

Final Concept

Inside View

Room 1

Room 2

Room 2 - with Room 3 visible.

Ground Floor Showing

Ground Floor

Mansion with Lights on

Mansion at Night

Friday, 20 March 2015

Adaptation B - Study Level (Environment).

This is how I'm picturing the study level to be. (This is only part of the mansion as the doing the whole house would take a while but is something to think about in the future.)

I've thought about the types of furniture that could possibly be under spell such as the plants, computer, books, settee's and paints. As well as this I've thought about how the characters could interact with the level such as bouncing on the rugs/ settee's, bashing through walls, bouncing over or on top of other characters to reach different areas etc...

I've taken the colours from my environment influence map, but it doesn't yet show the darkness of the environment. This is something to think about next.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Adaptation B - Level Perspective.

I've been trying to work out the angle of which my environment/ game will be visible in. It took awhile but final found the 45 - 45 degree angle of which most 'board game' style video games are made in.

Attempt 1

Attempt 2

If I was to continue working in attempt 2's perspective then my whole world would of ended up slanted, squishing my characters a bit to fit with the world; which would then change my characters design.
Attempt 3

Currently working on perspective 3.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Adaptation B - Witch Orthographics.

Today I've focused on her orthographic views trying to work out how she may look in 3D. I think when comes to the hair and eyes it may be something that needs trail and error when in maya; when designing her I completely forgot to think about what her eyes may look like if there gonna be flat or sunken in abit?

The hat may have to be sketched and modelled separately and then added to the witch afterwards to get the scale correct.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Adapation B - Witch and Kitten Ability Scales Continued.

Continuing on with my witch and kittens main stages, here are their final stages. At first the kitten didn't look as if was being strangled so I made his head bigger as well as bigger eyes.

Witches Hiccup/ Kittens Scale 2 - Bigger Hiccup/ Strangled.
Witches Hiccup Scale 4 - Hysterical Crying.

Witches Hiccup Scale 5 - Nap Time.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Mudbox Sculpting.

Playing around getting use to sculpting in Mudbox. Eye on the right is before I added in a sphere to help create the eye.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Adaptation B - Witch & Kitten Ability Scales.

I've gone ahead and done a more finalised concept for my Witch and Kitten characters, trying to identify there top 3 'scales'.

Witches Hiccup Scale 1 - Casual
Witches Hiccup Scale 3 - Crazy

Original Concept
As the kitten is basically the witches sidekick'/teddy I drew him in with the witches scale but he also has his own scale (He's a 'he', don't let the bow fool you! Poor kitty)

Kittens Scale 3 - Going nuts / Scratching everything.

I thought that the kitten could get chucked up in the air in shock from the girl when shes hiccupping like mad sending the kitten into hyper mode - from sneaking to jumping around, to scratching.

Acting Class 2.

During todays acting class we looked at improvisation, focusing on statuses - 10 being a snob (or confident etc...) and 1 being poor (or shy etc...). We had to walk around with cards on our heads and treat people to the number which was on there card, but we didn't know what was on ours; and later on we had different scenarios of which we had to act out the statuses.

Maya Dynamics 13.

Part 12 - Instancing Objects.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Adaptation B - Level Idea Continued.

I drew out the level in a 3d kind of space to help visualize the scale and overall look of what the study may look like.

Maya Dynamics 11.

Part 11 - Collision Event.

Adaptation B - Level Idea.

After my tutorial Friday with Alan I went away and over the weekend came up with a possible level idea (and what level in the game this would be eg level 5) focusing on one room: the Study. I had to think about what may happen once enter this room, how to over come it etc...

One thing I'm still unsure about is weather to have my characters carry weapons or if they simply just have to dodge the enemies and stay out of sight when they come past.


My favourite room idea is number 3 as I like the idea of the different levels within that one room, enabling the player to use multiple characters as well as their abilities. Parts like the x2 player areas would be higher to access and not as simple as a balcony to just 'hiccup' over.

I thought that areas like the corridor maybe have possessed plants breaking through the window or have vegetables patrolling (something's always there. It maybe not happen straightaway but something will be possessed.)

Friday, 6 March 2015

Adaptation B - Broom Sketches.

I've began thinking about another character and how it may look. The Broom isn't a main character but more of a prop enabling the characters to move quicker in certain situations or even be used a decoy. I'm not sure if his walk would be to sweep or if his main source of movement would be to hoover/fly around; so I tried out both.

Just for some reference as we all know what a broom looks like but just to help out I researched various types of brooms and then sketched a few.


Maya Shader FX Tutorial 6.

Part 6 - UV and Animation.

Maya Shader FX Tutorial 4 & 5.

Part 4 - Transparency.

Left FX Shader Map

Stump FX Shader Map

Part 5 - Reflection.

Sphere FX Shader Map

Tarus FX Shader Map