Monday, 9 March 2015

Adaptation B - Level Idea.

After my tutorial Friday with Alan I went away and over the weekend came up with a possible level idea (and what level in the game this would be eg level 5) focusing on one room: the Study. I had to think about what may happen once enter this room, how to over come it etc...

One thing I'm still unsure about is weather to have my characters carry weapons or if they simply just have to dodge the enemies and stay out of sight when they come past.


My favourite room idea is number 3 as I like the idea of the different levels within that one room, enabling the player to use multiple characters as well as their abilities. Parts like the x2 player areas would be higher to access and not as simple as a balcony to just 'hiccup' over.

I thought that areas like the corridor maybe have possessed plants breaking through the window or have vegetables patrolling (something's always there. It maybe not happen straightaway but something will be possessed.)


  1. Hey Ruby,

    I like number 3 too because of the different levels available. And maybe you can incorporate your idea 1 into it? Like have the table/ bookshelves as obstructions? or there's a door behind the bookshelf which leads to doorway of the second level? Just a thought though :)

    1. Yeah I was actually gonna do that include all the bookshelves etc... but was just thinking of the layout of the level first but thanks :), I like that hidden door idea.