Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Adaptation B - Witch & Kitten Ability Scales.

I've gone ahead and done a more finalised concept for my Witch and Kitten characters, trying to identify there top 3 'scales'.

Witches Hiccup Scale 1 - Casual
Witches Hiccup Scale 3 - Crazy

Original Concept
As the kitten is basically the witches sidekick'/teddy I drew him in with the witches scale but he also has his own scale (He's a 'he', don't let the bow fool you! Poor kitty)

Kittens Scale 3 - Going nuts / Scratching everything.

I thought that the kitten could get chucked up in the air in shock from the girl when shes hiccupping like mad sending the kitten into hyper mode - from sneaking to jumping around, to scratching.


  1. I cant help but think of Horrid Henry illustrations when looking at thse, its cute stuff maybe the clothes are a bit more oversized though like a child dressing up see images below :)

  2. looking forward to you translating these into 3D models, Rubes :)

  3. Nice job Ruby - As Phil said its going to be a interesting seeing this in 3D.

  4. Hi Rubes - can you complete the survey for me? Cheers!