Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Adaptation B - Animation Testing.

Yesterday I worked on an animation to preview my witch, working on her run and then slowly started to build up the scene by her passing objects like a rug and the settee. I got the tongue of the settee to also move to show what kind of thing it would do.

The First video is the first walk cycle I did, but was too slow.

I then looked at a few videos of running and put this into my own work.

Finally adding the settee's tongue movements.

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  1. Hi Ruby...

    Instead of having your sofa disappear using its visibility (on/off) you could create a box at the back of your scene/ just off the edge of your floor map (big enough to cover/ contain the sofa), texture it black (surface shader), and make sure it doesn't cast shadows onto your floor plane. That way the sofa will appear to disappear bit by bit (as it enters the box) - The box is black and so is your background so it will appear not to be there.