Sunday, 10 May 2015

Maya Tutorials & Film Reviews Submission.

Pipeline 2-

Modelling Part 1: Low Resolution
Modelling Part 2: UV Layout
Modelling Part 3: High Resolution

Maps Part 1: Base Normal Maps
Maps Part 2: Rope Normal Map
Maps Part 3: Ambient Occlusion Maps
Maps Part 4: Base Diffuse Maps
Maps Part 5: Diffuse Maps - Stone Base
Maps Part 6: Diffuse Maps - Stone Pillars
Maps Part 7: Diffuse Maps - Rope
Maps Part 8: Diffuse Maps - Wood & Metal
Maps Part 9: Diffuse Maps - Fabric Flag
Maps Part 10: Normal Maps Using Xnormal & Photoshop - Shield
Maps Part 11: Using Viewport 2.0 for Look Development & Rendering

Shader FX Part 1: Intro to Shader FX Networks
Shader FX Part 2: Displacement
Shader FX Part 3: Lighting
Shader FX Part 4: Transparency
Shader FX Part 5: Reflection
Shader FX Part 6: Uv's & Animation

Dynamics 1

Dynamics Part 1: Sketching Particles
Dynamics Part 2: Particle Grids
Dynamics Part 3: Omni Emitters
Dynamics Part 4: Directional Emitters
Dynamics Part 5: Volume Emitters
Dynamics Part 6: Emit From Curve
Dynamics Part 7: Per Point Emission
Dynamics Part 8: Surface Emission
Dynamics Part 9: Curve Flow
Dynamics Part 10: Emit From Particles
Dynamics Part 11: Collision Events
Dynamics Part 12: Instancing Objects
Dynamics Part 13: Instance Rotations
Dynamics Part 14: Animated Instances
Dynamics Part 15: Goal Weights
Dynamics Part 16: Conditional Goal Weights
Dynamics Part 17: Sprites

Lighting & Rendering 2

Mental Ray Part 1: Samples & Quality Control
Mental Ray Part 2: Final Gather
Mental Ray Part 3: Linear Work Flow
Mental Ray Part 4: Physical Sun & Sky
Mental Ray Part 5: Portal Lights
Mental Ray Part 6: Mia Material X Shader
Mental Ray Part 7: HDR Lighting & Fixing Incorrect Meta Data
Mental Ray Part 8: Displacement Maps
Mental Ray Part 9: Ambient Occlusion
Mental Ray Part 11: Motion Blur
Mental Ray Part 12: Mental Ray Proxies

Film Reviews

Mary and Max
Sita Sings the Blues
Waltz with Bashir
The Triplets of Belleville
When the Wind Blows
Wallace and Gromit Curse of the Were-Rabbit

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