Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Minor Project Idea 3.

Having a little talk with Alan and he suggested looking back at my infographic and doing a similar sort of thing in a animation form. I've looked at a vary of different clips that involve this kind of animation, looking into the simplicity and humour of them. I've brainstormed a few ideas which I could do.


Things You'd Better Not Mix Up from Jiek Weishut on Vimeo.

WISH LIST from GRIFF on Vimeo.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Minor Project Ideas 2.

After a discussion with Alan and the girls on Friday it made me rethink. Over the weekend I thought of other ways in which I could generate an idea from. I thought about starting of with fears; asking around my family, friends and myself what we fear. I decided to go with the Dentist as I detest this and I'm sure many others do also.

After a few discussions with my fellow students and thinking out loud I thought of Idea 3, using the motto/saying:

 Not everything's as bad as what it seems.

Using this in a way we perceive the dentist. Possibly starting off with doom and gloom, and by the end its all sunshine and happy; all seen through a child's perspective. And then it could switch to the dentist themselves and how different they see the atmosphere.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Minor Project Ideas.

Over the summer I came up with a few ideas of how or what I could use to start of my project. I'm still undecided on whether or not to make this an animation project or a game-assets as I enjoy both; or if I could possible combine the too? But I'll explain in my thoughts.

1. My first idea was too go back to my 'From Script to Screen' Hairdresser and Pig causing chaos project where I could improve on the story, music etc... and actually bring this storyboard into a 3D world, so keep it an animation.

2. My second idea was again another continuous project from a previous year; building on my Witch game - improving the modelling, creating other characters and an actual environment and demonstrating gameplay for it.


3. An idea which I've been building on over summer - basing a game asset or animation on my Granddad 'Shoe Shuffling Pete' (he never picks his feet up and ends up shuffling everywhere). 

My granddads a lovely man and would do anything for anyone. A few of the things he does is: He'll bring us up a pint of milk and newspaper of a morning, pop out on the bus to get bits for my nan, do the gardening/decorating (not once but 4 times, as my nans picky on wallpaper) and even come out early mornings and pick me up from a night out. The list could go on!

I've brainstormed this and thought of several outcomes for it... Either design a game based upon possible timed events depending on what 'chore' he's doing or just an animation that runs through his daily routine (picking out certain events which have happened to enlighten the animation - funny memories or events) or have it be a trailer for a game?

I'm still working on an outcome and goal for this possible idea as its the one I'd like to do most, but I'm sure with discussions and more thoughts this would become clear.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Darth Vader.

Today I decided to get my tablet out and do some drawing. I began using pencil and paper to sketch out different body expressions to get use to sketching again; then decided to put them to use by making a well known icon pose in the 'running man' dance potion.