Monday, 28 September 2015

Minor Project Ideas 2.

After a discussion with Alan and the girls on Friday it made me rethink. Over the weekend I thought of other ways in which I could generate an idea from. I thought about starting of with fears; asking around my family, friends and myself what we fear. I decided to go with the Dentist as I detest this and I'm sure many others do also.

After a few discussions with my fellow students and thinking out loud I thought of Idea 3, using the motto/saying:

 Not everything's as bad as what it seems.

Using this in a way we perceive the dentist. Possibly starting off with doom and gloom, and by the end its all sunshine and happy; all seen through a child's perspective. And then it could switch to the dentist themselves and how different they see the atmosphere.




    Not related to your project but funny/silly...