Friday, 30 October 2015

Layout Options.

After a chat with Alan today he said about looking into the way my animation would be presented in graphical terms, so I've played around with a few ideas.

1 & 2 are my favourites so far, and I could play around with the positioning from left to right, or to keep it the same; it also would work well with the characters that wont need text (4).

no.9 would also look effective, breaking up the white background with the character but not so sure if would with a 3D character? Also it was an issue with the double characters. For them I think I'm going to have to move them over slightly so that there not hanging of the screen.


  1. Hi Ruby

    I think you've overthought this a bit...see the example attached below.

    1. Oh right thank you, I'll be more precise about the positioning.