Friday, 4 December 2015

Medium Character Texture & Lighting Tester.

To understand how I'm going to produce all my characters I began testing out the textures for one seeing if the idea of drawing on different outfits work and its does. The textures need some work but as an initial tester its on its way. The collars of them all are going to be 3D elements to help hide the head and body joining.

Once I had the texture I began testing out lighting starting off by using a simple 4 light set up which was used in the first year. Again this is bound to change the more experiments I do.

As well as testing out textures on the side, I'm beginning to rig and skin my medium character preparing him so that all my medium sized characters are ready to then be customized. I'm hoping to prepare all character sizes as soon as possible, so I can customize them all to match there character.

1 comment:

  1. It's looking good Ruby! Really looking forward to see the other 19 coming together :D