Friday, 29 January 2016

The Cheeky Laugh Model & UV.

This is the model for the Cheeky Laugh character, who's been UV'd ready for texturing. I can now use this character as a base for another similar one. I've improvised with the hair using some that I had already modelled from a previous character.

Hair and Dress UV Map

'No Expression' Queens Guard Model & UV Texture.

Here is another character who isn't going to have a laugh, but hes there to just have a break from all the laughter. I haven't modelled his or any other characters props as of yet as I feel that getting the main characters done first is more important. But eventually he will be holding one of there guns.

Accessories UV Map

Body UV Map

Face UV Map

 Although I have been using the mila material for the skin and tongue for my characters I still put a face texture on them while I'm texturing to get a feel of what they'll look like.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

'No Expression' Policeman Texture & Rim Light Shader.

I've worked on the 'no expression' Policeman's textures today, sorting out lighting and also using the Rim Light Shader which makes the character POP more.

Without Rim Light
With Rim Light - Without pushing textures brightness
Rim Light with texture brightness 1.3

This is a screenshot of the Rim Light Shader process which was used in each texture.

Before I stared rendering I forgot I had modeled hair for this character so I painted the hair as a texture and then found the hair and applied that instead.

Modeled and painted hair

Painted hair

Clothes UV Map
Body UV Map

Hair UV Map
Face UV Map

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Mime & Squash and Stretch Rig.

Today I've focused on getting the Mime character finished off as much as I can, textures could do with some work but he's on his way. While I was texturing and modeling him I found that I had issues with his rig since the squash and stretch has been added. I plan to fix the issues tomorrow.

1st Texture
2nd Texture
Lighting is dodgy as I need to sort out an actual lighting system for my characters yet, as well as they will change with the Rim Light node is attached to the textures. I found that with the Mimes texture, when he closes his eyes the texture collapse but I think its due to not texturing it properly in Photoshop, so I will look into this.


Accessories UV Maps

Body UV Maps

Face UV Maps
This is a screenshot showing the Squash and Stretch rig which has been made for my Hoover character but could possibly use for other characters now as its been made.

Monday, 25 January 2016

The Shaker & The Crier Textures.

These are some screenshots of the shakers modeling progress, along with a few renders and the Criers texture screenshots.

 I need to work out how my crier is going to produce tears and then water for when she wets herself, this might be added in when editing in after effects?

First set of Textures

Second set of Textures

Monday, 18 January 2016

The Old Lady Model & UV.

I've modeled the old lady and UV mapped her. She's now ready to be textured. All of her accessories need to be skinned and parented into the rig, but shall do when texturing. Her fringe looks like a bandana at the moment, but will hopefully transform when a texture is applied, along with the rest of the model.

Hair UV map

Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Policeman Model & UV.

I've modeled the policeman, and UV mapped him. He's now ready to be textured.


Hair UV Map
Clothes & Accessories UV Map