Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Minor Project Reflection.

During my minor project I feel I've done well but could have done a few more characters if it wasn't for having a Christmas break and having time off of working on it. This is my own mistake and should have organized my time better. With the characters I have produced, I'm very pleased with how they've turned out - they look like there concepts. I think before I start my remaining characters I need to apply a squash and stretch rig to my current ones to help me when I'm animating.

My aim for my major project is too produce a short animation consisting of up to 20 characters, each with there own style and laugh. I aim to produce this by spreading my time around modeling, texturing and animating as I go - to maintain my motivation I can alternate what part of the pipeline I am working on.

My next step is to sort out my characters rigs (each size) and any skinning issues, then continue creating my models. I found once I had begun one, it was completed that day or soon after; along with a basic texture which I can go back to at a later date if need be.

My theory is once I have a production line they'll fly out, that's what I hope anyway. Editing and rendering is going to be done as I go along- once I know a character is fully animated and textured, get him rendered so I don't have to panic towards the end. This is a rough plan in how I'd like it too go, but it's bound to change.

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