Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Mime & Squash and Stretch Rig.

Today I've focused on getting the Mime character finished off as much as I can, textures could do with some work but he's on his way. While I was texturing and modeling him I found that I had issues with his rig since the squash and stretch has been added. I plan to fix the issues tomorrow.

1st Texture
2nd Texture
Lighting is dodgy as I need to sort out an actual lighting system for my characters yet, as well as they will change with the Rim Light node is attached to the textures. I found that with the Mimes texture, when he closes his eyes the texture collapse but I think its due to not texturing it properly in Photoshop, so I will look into this.


Accessories UV Maps

Body UV Maps

Face UV Maps
This is a screenshot showing the Squash and Stretch rig which has been made for my Hoover character but could possibly use for other characters now as its been made.

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