Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Smiler.

I've modelled the short character today, and have textured him to suit his character: the Smiler. I need to work on the textures bit more and sort out the lighting which I shall do tomorrow.

I also messed around with the face cams which are rigged into the characters, messing around with the controls. For this character I've just deleted his teeth to make him look gummy. I need to sort out the reflection on the glasses so there not so reflective.

At first I wasn't sure what to do round his collar but I decided to change my original idea and give him a scarf, as having it as his outfit didn't match up well.

Before skin texture was added to hands and feet
These are some modelling screenshots of him before his texture was added, as you can see only his head has the features modelled; the rest is a texture. At first I wasn't going to add the arms on the glasses but they looked unusual due to them not being realistic so I added them in.

UV Texture Maps

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