Monday, 22 February 2016

Character Descriptions.

The Evil Laugh - Evil dr. scientist laughter, villain style who moves arms in a dramatic way.

The Clapper - Slow clapping is sarcastic, sarcastic fake 'ha ha'. Fast clapping is more genuine, clapping like sitting in an audience.

The Leg Slapper - burst of laughs hahaha.... haha... slapping their leg inbetween, lifting there leg up at times and hunching over.

The Smiler - very quite if he even laughs but mostly just smiles.

The Snorter - laughing while eating, splattering food. Snorting like a greedy pig, waving a half eaten doughnut around.

The Shoulder Shaker - silent laugh, with the odd hahah being let loose while uncontrollably shaking. As if there trying to hide there laugh.

The Clown - creepy. Always showing up unannounced, a unique laugh which indicates that the clown is around the corner - jaws theme tune style. He holds a balloon.

The Queens Guard - Silent. Doesn't laugh, but trying to blow his hat back on his head from the side of his mouth without changing expression. The blows get bigger, the further the hat slides down.

The Shy Laugh - shy, cute laugh. Hands over their mouth, as if hiding there smile.

The Laughing Policeman - doesn't laugh. Quite serious, swaying backwards and forwards tip-toeing. Until the end when he breaks and gives in singing the 'laughing policeman'.

The Crier - Quite posh. Starts off dramatically laughing, beginning to cry. As she's an elderly lady, her bladder isn't quite like it use to be and accidently wets herself. Her crying laugh soon turns into a laughing embarrassed, sad cry.

The Hoover - Laughing which becomes like there gasping for air, but continues to laugh. Sounding like a hoover. He becomes taller with every breath he takes in, turning purple till his laugh explodes and deflates him.

The Baby Chuckler - Cute baby giggle. Falls over, begins to cry but then continues to laugh.

The Giggler - Starts of being a shy laugh, then turns to a overpowering over the top giggle, as if she can't stop. Cheeks aching.

The Sniggerer - Muttley style laugh from 'dastardly and muttley' cartoon. He's a bank robber so coins will be giggling around from his body shaking.

The Belly Laugh - Deep hearty laugh, fat man laugh. Belly bouncing, holding it like father Christmas.

The Fringe Flicker - Dramatic, big booming laughter where he flicks his head back from laughing to much.

The Clueless - Confused laugh, like they doesn't get the joke. A delayed reaction.

The Cheeky Laugh - Mischievous, cheeky laugh. Up too no good. Young.  

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