Thursday, 4 February 2016

Lighting & Policeman Texture Improvements.

These renders are lighting testers along with improvements with the Policeman's textures; using Photoshop to correct the levels in some renders as I feel this captures the characters more. I've removed the shininess from the previous textures and kept all textures matte, except the cornea of the eyeballs.

These are the images that are in the gif above, I thought I'd give it ago as I've seen 1st years do it and they look quite effective. Throughout the renders I have noticed again some issues when it comes to moving my character, I need to resolve but I think will resolve itself when I start the blend shapes. The tester with spot lights on the floor is when I used a background, and I can't seem to work out how to get a ground shadow without any other, but I do think it makes him look like a diva standing there.



Rim Light Node network

Clothes UV Texture Map Improvement

Hair UV Texture Map Improvment

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