Monday, 1 February 2016

The Leg Slapper Model, UV & Texture.

Today I have modelled and textured the Leg Slapper, of which once she was all skinned ready to animate I thought I'd try posing her. The Rim-Light node hasn't been added either as I've been having trouble creating it at home but shall add it too them when next into uni. 

By doing so I've found a few problems where the clothes break the skin but I'm hoping by using the body blend shapes that Alan has showed us, will help fix this issue. If its happened to her it's most likely to be with them all.

The camera when it comes to rendering and animating isn't going to be so up close but this was just too show the braces on the teeth.

Face Cam Screenshot

The whole body has been UV'd even though the body and face of my characters are textured using the mila_material node, to help with preview the texture before transferring it into the texture node.

Dress & Hair UV Map

Face UV Map

Teeth UV Map

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