Friday, 29 April 2016

Final Animation Draft.

This is a final draft of my animation for final feedback before submission next week.


  1. Looking good, Ruby. Not sure if this has been already discussed with Phil/Alan or not, but I feel like the name of the character/laugh should have a capitol letter for each word perhaps?

    1. Hi Heidi, just butting in here to say that the convention in Latin is capital letter on the first word, and only on the second if the name itself is an actual name, as in 'Elvis' for example - Ruby and I had to check out the rule ourselves :)

  2. Hey dude, dunno if it just my Mac being weird but at 43 second when Prof. Prim introduces himself the text doesn't appear its just a black box?

  3. Hi Ruby,

    Just a few notes then as you near the final final final edit!

    The bit that needs a bit of work in terms of timing is the link between the 'hippo' and the narrator himself laughing. It's still not convincing that the narrator is laughing because the prankster is laughing, because there's no overlap between them; you have the prankster stopping and then the narrator starting, when it's more logical that the two things would overlap; also, he says, 'Who did it? I'm waiting' but by the time he's said this, we've already seen the character responsible. This is what you need to do I think:

    We hear the little girl laughing before we see her, and we only see her after the narrator says 'I'm waiting'... you need to keep the girl laughing, and then start the narrator laughing as an overlap to suggest that the girl has triggered the narrator's laughing fit. Again, it's just an issue of timing.

    At the end - don't fade to black - it looks odd considering your whole world is white! I think you should keep the policeman laughing on the left and your blogspot address on the right etc - and then fade out to white.

    Finally - still not sure about the SFX accompanying the giggler - it's better, but still a bit too nondescript; maybe if you could find some SFX that includes the 'Checkout number 9 please' voice so we're really clear as to where she is? Or just a better supermarket SFX?