Thursday, 28 April 2016

Art of pages.

These are a few pages from my 'Art of' so far, still trying to work out a layout for them. Having a mixture of single and double pages - if was a book.


  1. I have a few spelling mistakes which I'm aware of and shall put everything through a word document first as I go so I know it's spelt correctly, in the future.

  2. Hey Rubes,

    This is all looking okay to me: a couple of things: get rid of the comma after the forward slash in your various titles - it looks like a mistake in this context. Also, where you've got those original pencil drawings, you should post-produce that page in photoshop first - so, take it into Photoshop, make it grayscale, and then use brightness/contrast and/or levels to turn those pencil drawings into stronger 'black line art'. The finished result should just look like nice early sketches on a nice white background, as opposed to looking like a page of your sketchbook stuck onto a white background.

    In terms of the page of blend-shapes, I think it looks a little cramped up against the title - I'd advise to shrink the page of blend shapes by a little bit so there's a more comfortable space between the tops of the heads and the bottom of the text element.

    I also think it's a real shame that your improved character designs are all crammed on one page like that; I think you could range them through a number of pages so we can really see them and enjoy them.