Friday, 22 April 2016

Playblast of Ending Scene 2.

After feedback I've edited my original idea by turning down the volume of the characters laughs and also adding in the narration, as well as including the laughing policeman and his tune.


  1. Okay Ruby - I know you're keen to be finished with this section, but I think there are some timing and finesse issues here which are easily sorted, but will make a big difference:

    1) The introduction of all the characters feel very rushed to me: I think you could relax things here much more so - so as we hear the narrator start to say his bit, only have a few characters on screen, nicely spaced out etc. Then bring in the other characters in a more controlled-seeming way, and I think the volume of the laughter should be allowed to grow a bit more. I also think that instead if just 'popping in' you could try a quick 'fade in' for each of the characters; again, I think this will feel much more controlled. It's a matter of nuance and timing, but right now this scene as the characters arrive feels too rushed and 'last minute'. I think you think this scene is 'too much' which is why you're speeding through it, but I think this scene is great fun and the inevitable end to your animation, so I'd just craft it a little more purposefully.

    2) I don't like the fact that the last two laughing characters are the wallflower and the chuckler. It makes sense to me that the last character standing should be the giggler, because a) it's a great vocal performance and b) it sort of makes sense that she should be the last one. Also, I don't like the composition of this final shot - with the policeman all the way over on the right. Because we end on the policeman character, I think he should be just left of centre, animated to be looking around at all the laughing characters - and then the remaining character (the last laughing character) should be in a nicely composed space in relation to the policeman, so this final moment looks good on screen. If I were you I'd compose this shot backwards - so start with the relative ending positions of your policeman and your final laughing character, and then populate the ensemble composition around them. (Again, I think the characters should fade out, as opposed to 'pop off' - a quickish fade, but right now the popping off just feels a little bit glitchy and unrefined).

    3) In terms of timing, the laughing policeman shot needs tweaking. To me it feels as if there should be some silence as the camera moves towards the policeman - to create a bit of tension, and also to rest us after all the other laughs - policeman is still looking a bit awkward; perhaps he looks left and right as if to check if the coast is clear; only then does he let out his laugh, and only then do you fade up the laughing policeman song and than you very quickly cut to your credits, with the song playing over the top of them.

    This whole end sequence needs you to be more sensitive in terms of comedic timing. It will certainly be worth it in the end :)


    1) go to Royalty Free Music > go to 'Genre' > 'search Rock' > Whiskey on the Missisippi...