Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Business Card idea and Art of.

I've made the changes to my art of - the sizing isn't 100% (I've put the images on an online template) but its more the layout/spelling I'm concerned with. Also designed a business card idea, keeping with using myself which I'll re-render with eyebrows on and proper lighting like my characters.

Single Sided.




  1. I like it Ruby - one image (you!) on one side, and all your info on the other - sweet - but yes, you need to enrich that model so it has all the appropriate charm!

  2. Art Of corrections: Page 51 - The Hoover / it's *losing* instead of *loosing*.

    Page 57 / missing *t* on *screenshots* and missing apostrophe on *clown's balloon pop*

    Page 59 / missing word: *The policeman is *the* last mute character* Missing apostrophe *Until *he's* alone* and *Policeman's hair*

    Page 62 / *bring characters to *life* (not 'live').