Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Animation Cut 2.

I've managed to get it down to 4 minutes 12 seconds, but still needs some refinement/cutting.

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  1. Hey Rubes,

    Okay - in order to shave a few more seconds off this, you could lose the 'after years of study' line and just cut to him saying 'I have identified the following 10 groups etc...' To shave it further, I'm sure there are a few frames here and there you can lose to bring it down to the 4 mins exactly.

    I will say however, that I preferred it when the last person laughing prior too the policeman ending was the giggler - it just makes sense that she'd be the last one to go.

    Also - in terms of your credits, just write 'By Ruby Newland' as opposed to 'an animation short', as it will be obvious to audiences that they've just watched an 'animated short'. So - cut a bit more from Prim's narration (that should get rid of another 4 secs, and then go one by one through the scenes, shaving half a second here and there until you're bang on the 4 minute mark).